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From where I’d rather be: brutally hungover in the park, sitting in sun and making Bloody Mary’s for my friends. Instead, I’m sitting at my desk at work in a weird Santa Claus outfit I found in a draw to replace the clothes I ditched after getting soaking wet riding to work in the rain. 🎭

Well, happy Easter. I managed to piss away all the time i had to catch up on emails and work and instead watch How High, listen to Wu Tang Clan and do a laundry load of white clothes I had no idea I owned. So many achievements.


the lunar eclipse last night was so good, amazing colours on a great scale - thanks to Noah for the rooftop and @hanamisako for the photo 🌙
I nearly killed myself riding home from work to peep the eclipse in time, but it was all worth it.
Melbourne: the moon rises tonight at 5:49pm, enters a total eclipse until 6:25pm and finishes at 7:33pm. 🌑🌖

Can’t stop looking at the moon

Sylvia’s Secondhand Things is one of my favourite places in Melbourne and Sylvia one of my favourite people.
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